Captura Pro Technologies Pvt. Ltd is government Registered Company is happy to work for clients around the world, we have developed project development steps to make ensure end result is satisfying and developed in smooth way so that all activities in the best efficient and effective manner.

At first we work with our client have face to face meeting, chat, email, phone call etc. to make sure we understand goals, roles and expectation of the client. We start by creating a project plan and diving it into task and identifying end goals of the project.
In second stage we make sure about quality assurance of the product and discovery the thing include
  • Quality mission statement
  • Quality success factors
  • Quality control process
  • Methods and practices
  • Software version control processes
  • Testing plan
  • Test Cases
One discovery is done we do design and development of the project, we start this phase by making few mockup of the design and send that to client for approval, if approve we moved to second phase otherwise we keep it refining unless and until we have satisfied client. Once client satisfied we move to development phase of the product. We developed whole product in test url so that client can see their development 24/7 and update client about the development phase.
Once project is approved we move to live url and implement the project.
Once Project is done we keep maintenance of the project, maintenance is done to ensure they system is operating at optimal performance and reliability.