Increase efficiency of your office with right Business Applications

   Business Applications are basically those applications which an organization or company uses to run their business successfully. These applications provide a shared platform for you, your employees, clients, suppliers etc. The sharing and transferring of information and data becomes easier with such applications. You can get these applications customized according to your specific business needs. The skilled people of Captura Pro Technologies Pvt. Ltd keep updating themselves with latest technological advancements and trends, to provide the right solution for your requirements. The most common Business Applications that should be used by every business professional are written below:

  • E-mail – Among various Business Applications , this is the most basic and widely used, especially in a professional setup like a company or firm. Most of the transfer of information in offices takes place through e-mail. Having this facility in your mobile can help you to stay connected to your employees and client all the time.
  • Cloud Computing – The cloud computing allows you to store and share data on the internet. Generally every department in your office uses individual devices to store information. The sharing of such data becomes difficult. But the internet based data and information can be shared easily by multiple users.
  • Banking: A very important aspect of any business is the finance. You have to keep a track of all your financial transactions, such as bill, payments etc. You can get this facility by using Business Applications which allow the authorized personnel to have access to the financial accounts and records.
  • Contact management: It is essential to maintain and keep an updated record of all your contacts, related to business. They could be your employees, clients, suppliers and partners. Having such contact information on a shared platform can help to run your business more efficiently as people can access it by themselves. You can also manage and update this information from any device.
  • Online file storage: As mentioned earlier, having a common platform for storage of data and resources can speed up your work. Same way sharing and storing your files and other records on the internet can be beneficial for you and your employees.

  The applications designed by Captura Pro Technologies Pvt. Ltd are customized according to client requirements and our team pays a lot of attention on the quality and uniqueness of the products.